Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks hold compressed gas designed to propel paintballs through the marker barrel. These “high pressure” tanks must be maintained routinely to ensure that the gun will work as designed.  We understand that you are serious about your equipment and we are too!  Whether you are playing competitively or recreationally on a field or course, you expect your equipment to work without incident.

Routine hydrostatic testing of your paintball tank is a mandatory requirement to ensure that the tank is qualified as “compliant” with the Department of Transportation and able to be filled, in accordance with the Compressed Gas Association.  Hydrostatic Testing of your tank is mandatory every 3 to 5 years by a licensed DOT Hydrostatic Testing Facility.

A visual inspection of the tank is performed in our facility to check for thread imperfections including metal loss, galling, corrosion, cracking and abuse.  A hydrostatic test of the tank is then performed by our personnel to “qualify” the cylinder as “able to ensure the integrity of the manufacturer’s pressurization requirements”.  Once this testing is completed, we stamp or epoxy a label with our RIN (Re-qualifier’s Identification Number) onto the cylinder and this “qualification” is generally good for three to five years from the test date.