Oxygen Cylinders

Cylinder Testing Services, LLC is a locally owned and operated DOT certified hydrostatic testing facility, licensed to test and re-qualify high-pressure medical gas cylinders.

Oxygen cylinders are devalved so that a visual inspection of the tanks interior and exterior walls can be performed. A mandatory Eddy Current Test is conducted on all aluminum cylinders manufactured with 6351-T6 aluminum alloy to check for thread imperfections including metal loss, galling, corrosion, cracking and abuse according to the Compressed Gas Association and Code of Federal Regulations. A hydrostatic test of the tank is then performed by our personnel to  "qualify" the cylinder as "able to ensure the integrity of the manufacturers' pressurization requirements".

Once this testing is completed, our RIN (Re- qualifier's Identification Number) is stamped into the cylinder and this mandatory "qualification" is generally good for five years from the test date, in accordance with the DOT cylinder classification.